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TIFFANY WILLIAMS, Tea Educator and Facilitator

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About Boutique Teas

Boutique Teas educates tea lovers about tea history, tea philosophy, and tea flavors. Boutique Teas offers classes involving tastings, lectures and discussion. Boutique Teas offers lectures, meditation education, tea leaf reading and tea tastings at private events. Boutique Teas provides only premium loose leaf teas.

Tea Events

Pasadena Tea Festival 2017
Lecture: Japanese green teas history and tasting. Served about 20 people during 60 min lecture with questions.

Norton Simon Museum 2016
Curated and facilitated a tea blending station during Museum Evening in the Garden Event. Provided tea and blends for over 150 people.

Griffith Park Tea House Sunset Meditation 2016
Lead tea meditations at sunset for over 75 people in San Pedro

Griffith Park Tea House Art Opening 2015
Lead tea meditations at sunrise for over 75 people in Griffith Park, Los Angeles

Buddhamouse Emporium Tea Classes 2010-Present
Tea Class and Tasting Topics: Black Teas 101, Green Teas 101, The Art of Tea Blending, The History of Black Teas, History of Green Teas, What is Oolong?, The Art of Tea Leaf Reading, Tea and Meditation

Tea Lovers Festival 2011-2014
Lecture Titles and Year: Tea and Meditation 2014; The Advanced Art of Tea Leaf Reading 2013; Battle of the Teas: Black Teas 2012,; Everything you wanted to know about Green Tea, but were Afraid to Ask 2011


Tea Lovers Festival: 10 Years, Tea Tips -- Japan vs. China, page 25

Volunteer Activities

La Verne Methodist Church Mother’s Day Tea Party 2014-2015
Claremont Chorale 2012-2014
Claremont Rotary Club 2013


Tea Lovers Festival: 10 Years, Tea Tips -- Japan vs. China, page 25


Tea Tastings, Tea Blending, Public Speaking, Fundraising, Marketing, Microsoft Office


Tea Travel (Sri Lanka, Japan, Hong Kong), Travel (Chile, Argentina, Spain), Eastern Religion, Food

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Want to taste tea and learn about tea history, tea cultivation, tea brewing, tea culture, and tea leaves? Book an event to learn about and taste 4-6 teas of your choosing.

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Drink tea and learn about different mediation techniques. Mediation calms your mind body and spirit. Tea increases your energy and focus.

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