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8 Ways to Cultivate Compassion

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Happy 80th birthday to the Dalai Lama! The Dalai Lama encourages people to practice love, kindness and compassion. This week I started thinking about what compassion means to me. I brewed a pitcher of iced Organic Jasmine Silver Needles white tea. I started reading From Here to Enlightenment by The Dalai Lama. He has a few chapters about compassion. He says compassion involves cultivating a sense of affection that holds other living beings dear and the wish to relieve suffering. Compassion is a state of mind in which you aspire for other  living beings to be free from suffering. Here...

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Serving Tea at the Griffith Park Tea House

drinking tea green tea Griffith Park Tea House Japanese green tea tea ceremony work

On Tuesday, June 30, 2015, I served tea in a beautiful cedar tea house in Griffith Park in Los Angeles. A group of artists constructed a Japanese inspired tea house with wood from Griffith Park. In 2007, a wildfire destroyed a portion of Griffith Park. The artist took the dead, charred wood and turned it into a beautiful structure, representing peace and love.

The tea house reminded me of the Japanese wabi style. In simplistic terms, wabi embraces the beauty in the rustic simplistically in nature. A nice big window faces the beautiful Los Angeles landscape.The window frames the landscape, cityscape, birds and clear blue sky. The tea house stands on a piece of concrete slab. They even build a beautiful cedar bench.

At dawn, I saw a line of tea lights weaving up the trail. As the sun peaked out, I started my brief tea ceremony for the first three tea drinkers. I offered a first flush sencha from Japan. My lecture was short and sweet.

I explained the essence of tea ceremony is about love and peace. I brewed their tea with love in my heart. As the tea brewed, we all took deep breaths, observing the scenery. As I poured the tea, I explained the history of tea in Japan. I invited them to inhale the aroma and silently sip the tea and enjoy the peaceful moment. Then I offered them a sweet almond cookied to balance the slight bitterness of the tea. After a few minutes, I thanked them for visiting the Griffith Park Tea House and wished them a great day.

Peaces of wood hung next to the door frame with pencils. Guests wrote a wish or a note on the wood and hung it on a peg inside the tea house. After hanging their wood, guests rang the bell.

I love ceremony!

I did not know much about the project before I arrived at the tea house. I knew I loved tea. I loved sharing my love of tea. It turned out to be a great morning.


Here are a few articles about the Griffith Park Tea House:







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December Tea Events

Christmas Breakfast Black Tea Workshop Saturday, December 14, 2013 11:00am to 3:00pm Buddhamouse Emporium (134 Yale Ave., Claremont)                           Custom blend your own black breakfast tea blend. Breakfast teas are a blend of unscented black teas. You will learn tea blending fundamentals and blend your own black tea blend. This blending workshop includes a recipe, tea tasting, and live demonstration on tea blending. Base teas include: Orange Pekoe, Assam Black Teas, Nilgiri black tea and Chinese black teas. Also taste Chinese breakfast, and Irish breakfast tea blends. You...

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Tea Events November 16 and 17

    November 16, 2013 Tea Leaf Reading with Chakra Stones 12:00  to 4:00pm Buddhamouse Emporium (134 Yale Ave. Claremont) This workshop is about focus and energy. Instead of thinking about a questions, you will chose a theme. Themes can include: work, love, friendship, finance and more. Focusing on one aspect of your life will give you a complete picture of that part of your life. There will be unique tea blends and stones available to help you channel your energy into the tea leaves. Fee: $7 November 17, 2013 Buddhamouse Emporium (134 Yale Ave., Claremont) 11:30am to 1:00pm  ...

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Libre Tea Glass Review: Infuse Loose Leaf Tea On The Go!

Want to drink loose leaf tea on the go? Try a Libre Tea glass. These tea glasses are designed for travel and easy tea brewing. Each tea glass has three parts: lid, filter and glass. The lid is made of BPA free durable polycarbonate. The filter is stainless steel mesh and BPA free molded polycarbonate. These two parts screw together, forming an air-tight seal and a water-tight seal. These pieces screw onto the glass. The glass is double walled, consisting of a  BPA-free  glass interior and a durable polycarbonate exterior. Because of the double wall, your tea stays hot up...

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