Libre Tea Glass Review: Infuse Loose Leaf Tea On The Go!

Want to drink loose leaf tea on the go? Try a Libre Tea glass. These tea glasses are designed for travel and easy tea brewing. Each tea glass has three parts: lid, filter and glass. The lid is made of BPA free durable polycarbonate. The filter is stainless steel mesh and BPA free molded polycarbonate. These two parts screw together, forming an air-tight seal and a water-tight seal. These pieces screw onto the glass. The glass is double walled, consisting of a  BPA-free  glass interior and a durable polycarbonate exterior. Because of the double wall, your tea stays hot up to 90 mins. However, you will never burn your hand.


Libre Tea Philosophy

Libre Tea glasses gives you the freedom to have a tea moment anytime, anywhere. The company has a facebook page devoted to tea moments. Check out the tea moments here.


Ice Tea Brewing Method

Place your favorite loose leaf tea in cold filtered water. Let the tea steep overnight in your tea glass. Grab your tea glass in the morning before you leave for work. Sip as you commute.


2 Hot Brewing Methods

Brew your tea the traditional way. Place the leaves in the glass. Screw on the filter and pour the hot water through the filter. Drink your tea through the filter. Place the lid on when you are moving or want to keep the tea hot.


An alternative method, brew your tea upside down! Place loose tea leaves on top of filter and screw on the lid. Pour hot water in the glass. Wait for the steam to clear. Screw on the lid and filter and invert the tea glass. Watch as the tea infuse. Here is a video demonstration.


3 Designs

Original Tea Glass (9.3 oz.)--The first Libre Tea glass for loose leaf tea drinkers. It perfectly fits in your car cup holder. It readily tucks into your bag or purse.


Large Tea Glass (15 oz.)--For tea drinkers who like to drink more tea. Perfect for outdoor activities or at work. Shown in photos.


Mug Tea Glass (10.3 oz)--This tea glass is for people who love a handle! A great tea mug for work or an after dinner cuppa tea.



It is easy to clean. Rinse with warm soapy water. Not dishwasher safe.


Have a tea moment anywhere, anytime with Libre Tea glasses. Enjoy your loose leaf tea on the go with little fuss.


Happy Sipping!

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