Pu'erh 1992 Vintage
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Pu'erh 1992 Vintage

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Traditional 'Raw' Puerh (Pu'er) (20 Year Vintage)

Region: Yunnan, China 

Flavor: Smooth, earthy, lingering toasty notes, deep woody mid notes

Aroma: Strong deep earthy aroma

Brewing: Brew 1 tablespoon/ 8 oz. cup in boiling filtered water for 2-3 minutes (for a stronger cup add more tea)

Description: What is pu'erh tea? It is a fermented tea from China. Using large tea leaves from ancient heirloom tea trees, this tea is a treat for tea lovers. After plucking, the leaves are sundried and fried. Good bacteria is introduced and encouraged to grow on the leaves in a humid room. Leaves are steamed, then compressed into cakes or kept loose. Tea artisans keep the tea in the humid room for 10 or more years. Every year, a little of the tea is tasted to determine the readiness.  For thousands of years, raw or green puerh is produced in this manner. Rich businessmen in Taiwan and Hong Kong paid high prices to add the aged puerh cakes to their private collections. This puerh is a rare loose leaf green puerh.

Aged for 20 years, the tea has deep smooth woodsy midnotes, toasty aromas and a sweet maple finish. Its strong earthy aroma pulls you in to sip the dark liquid, where you discover a complex liquor with robust earthy flavors intermingled with notes of toast, coco nibs, and seaweed. As you keep steeping the leaves, you find a smooth flavor groove of mellow earthy notes and a maple finish. The distinctive golden color at the rim marks this teas' high quality. 

Many believe puerh tea decreases bad cholesterol, fat stores, and bad bacteria. Some tea drinkers love this tea for the taste, while others drink it when they have a stomach grippe. Because of the natural bacteria, puerh teas tend to cleanse the intestines.  





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