Organic Japanese Matcha
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Organic Japanese Matcha

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Matcha belongs in the 'whip' tea history period. Tea artisans grow the tea leaves in the shade. Shading yields more chlorophyll, nutrients and minerals. An added bonus is a deeper green and sweeter flavor profile. During the spring harvest season, these leaves are de-veined, dried and ground into a bright green powder.

For centuries, Japanese monks and royalty have used a bamboo whisk to combine the green powder and hot water. Inheriting Chinese 'whipped tea' brewing method, the Japanese refined the procedure into a big elaborate ceremony. Traditional Japanese tea ceremony is centered around preparing Match tea and Japanese philosophy of beauty and form.

Brewing instructions:

Brew 2 teaspoons in 8 oz. 175 degree filtered water. Whisk tea powder and water together until it is nice and frothy. Enjoy!

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